What are the requirements to be granted an asylum?
As an applicant, you must demonstrate that you fear persecutions in your home country. Said persecutions must be based on at least one of the following five protected grounds, namely: race, religion, political opinion, particular social group or nationality.
Once your eligibility is approved, your chance to be granted asylum will take a new impetus.
It should however be noted that you can’t apply for asylum when you’re still in your country, you should be in the US soil or at the port of entry before you start the process, and it should be before a year upon your arrival.
How long does the process take?
The decision is usually issued after 180 days from the date you filled your application, but it can take longer in some special circumstances.
What do you benefit as an asylee?
After the first five or seven years of being granted asylum, you will automatically be entitled to certain privileges such as social security incomes, food stamps, Medicaid and other benefits.
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