I- Register your company
Whether you decide to be self-employed or prefer to create other business entities, when you want to choose one of the many businesses available in Poland, the first step is always the same-
enter  in your web browser.
After that, the most difficult part begins: fill out the registration form. But don’t worry, we can help you.
The filled-out form is not just an application to start your business but also function as an application for three additional things:
1. The registration in the Krajowy Rejestr Urzędowy Podmiotów Gospodarki Narodowej (The National Official Register of the Nationalised Industries Units) to receive a REGON number.
2. The application to the Tax Office to receive a NIP number (if you don’t have one yet) and choose the form of taxation.
3. The identification of the insurance contributions payer in ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) which is the person who will be responsible for paying the insurance contributions for themselves and the employees.
II- Business activity classification
When filling out the form, you must also define the type of business activity number. You can find a company describing your business in Polska Klasyfikacja Działalności (Polish Activity Classification). Basically, you only need to enter the number of all business activities you want to perform in the company- you can actually write down any number of numbers.
Now that you have established your own company, you are obliged to carry out social insurance (ZUS) and pay taxes.
But don’t worry, TOTU LEGAL is always there to help you through the whole process. For more information, or if you need help with your documents to start your business, call our office at 501-305-983