About Us

The Law Offices of Marcin Podskarbi was founded by attorney Marcin Podskarbi. Since the opening of our first law office in West Hollywood, we have been devoted to help people from all around the world deal with business, immigration and naturalization laws.


Mr. Podskarbi has many years of experience with immigration process. As most of our clients, Mr. Podskarbi has struggled with immigration issues, because he is an immigrant himself.


Marcin attended law school in Poland, which he graduated in 2006 and moved to the U.S. He studied at the California Western School of Law in San Diego, where he obtained his Masters degree in Comparative Law. In order to improve his skills, Marcin also attended many seminars and courses, including: immigration and naturalization, business acquisitions, business development, business management, entertainment law and many more.


Marcin passed the California Bar Exam, considered the hardest bar exam in the U.S. and he also passed very hard Bar Exam in Poland. On top of that Marcin has passed both Bar Exams in two countries in the same year, which is close to impossible!

Through over ten years dealing with immigration process Marcin overseen countless numbers of visas approved for numerous of individuals and families. Marcin has also extensive knowledge of business immigration.

What makes Marcin stand out is a fact, that Marcin takes care of his cases as it would be his own. Marcin knows first handedly how hard it is to fight the immigration process as he had to change his U.S. visas and status multiple times before he was able to establish this office.

Thus, whatever immigration issues you are dealing with, chances are Marcin went through it as well. So ask yourself, who will understand you better than a person who was once in your shoes?


Marcin has a license to practice law in all state courts in California, as well as license to practice before California Central District Court. He is also a member of Los Angeles County Bar Association, Beverly Hills Bar Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Polish Bar Association.