U and T Visas

U and T Visas were initially created to encourage victims of serious crimes to cooperate with the authorities so that offenders are adequately prosecuted. Only specific crimes and victims can qualify for a U or T visa status. In most cases, U and T visas involve victims of human trafficking and other serious crimes.

T Nonimmigrant (T Visa)

This provides protection and immigration to victims of human trafficking. Victims can remain in the United States as long as they assist law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of those responsible for the crime.

U Nonimmigrant (U Visa)

This status provides protection and immigration to victims of crimes who have suffered substantial physical or emotional abuse because of that crime.

As long as the individual assists law enforcement with the investigation, arrest or prosecution, they are allowed to remain in the United States.

Law Enforcement and Protection

The U and T visas are reserved for law enforcement and court officials. They have the discretion to assign protection to crime victims. They will offer immigration relief as encouragement and a way to assist their case. In most cases, the law enforcement agency must have direct knowledge of the victim’s participation and the victim must offer something of value to their investigation to qualify for a U or T visa.

Why You Need an Attorney

Even if you were a victim of a crime or human trafficking, you may not qualify for a U or T visa. You need ample legal representation to encourage law enforcement and court officials of your qualifications. The Law Offices of Marcin Podskarbi an assist you with your claim, represent your case and ensure that you are given immigration relief for your participation in an active investigation or court case.

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